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Submitting Artwork

Acceptable Formats

Vector PDF artwork preferred

Unacceptable Formats

Additional Files

It is also very important that you include any/all supporting files that were used to create your artwork. Such files include fonts and images.

Your artwork can be attached during checkout. Files that are too large can be sent to us with download links or FTP via email.


All text used in your artwork should be converted to paths, curves or outlines (depending on graphic software used). This is recommended so that the text can no longer be editable. When sending fonts with your artwork, include all printer and screen fonts by zipping or stuffing them.


Spot colours

Use only PantoneĀ® colours for spot colour printing, NOT process colours. Also ensure that the colour information(e.g. Pantone numbers) is clearly marked in the file or hard copy.

Standard Screen Printing Colours

Black, White, Metallic Gold or Silver.

Pantone Colours - Yellow, Warm Red, Orange 021, Red 032, Rubine Red, Rhodamine Red, Purple, Violet, Blue 072, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Green.

Additional colours may be available when selecting imprint colour on our online order form for a specific product.

Artwork Services

If you have a general idea of how you would like your artwork to look but do not have the software or ability to put it together yourself, we offer basic artwork services. This service includes typsetting, placement, sizing, and colouring.

NOTE: We DO NOT offer graphic design services such as logo creation and drawing, however, in certain circumstances we may need to redraw a logo or image in order to make it print ready.

This service is chargeable at $30 per half hour of work for the initial proof. Additional proofs, if necessary, are chargeable at $10 per proof. To avoid high proofing costs, please be as detailed as possible to avoid having to make changes to your initial proof. Include details such as fonts to be used, specific colours, and placement of text and images.

File Saving

Once a file is saved at a lower resolution, we are unable to change it to a higher resolution. Therefore, do not save artwork at a low resolution to make it smaller. This will result in grainy/choppy pictures and text.

You may e-mail artwork as an attachment directly to us at info(at) Include your company name and contact information, as well as your order #, in the body of the e-mail.

Charges for artwork recreation may apply if necessary to make it suitable for output.

Do not send your original files, send a copy. Keep your originals as a backup in case they are needed.