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Tick Keys

The Original Tick Key is the only tick removal device on the planet that uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick, head and all, quickly and safely without touching or squishing even the toughest engorged ticks. Tick Key is 99.9% effective in the safe removal of all sizes and types of ticks on both people and pets.

This design has been perfected and tested for over eight years and is responsible for the removal of thousands of ticks of all sizes including deer ticks and dog ticks. It is flat and is easily stored in a wallet, pocket, on a key chain, collar, or leash.

The Tick Key is used and sold by doctors, veterinarians and groomers. It is sold in several establishments, given out by Mosquito Vector & Public Health Associations, used as a promotional item and more. It is also used as a safety device for many utility and outdoor workers.