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how to remove ticksJust Direct Promotions is the Official Supplier of Original Tick Key tick removal devices in Canada. Tick Key tick removers are the only tick removal devices available that use natural leverage to remove an entire tick including the head. Remove the entire tick fast and effectively without the need to squish or even touch the tick. Fast and safe for use on humans and pets, Tick Key tick removers are 99.9% effective in removing all sizes and varieties of ticks that have become embedded in the skin of people and animals.

Anyone who enjoys or works in the outdoors can benefit from carrying these tick removers with them. This includes outdoor sports like golf, soccer, football and baseball. Hikers, pet groomers, veterinarians, bikers, gardeners and outdoor workers should also have these tick removal tools to avoid use of the hands which can squish the ticks and cause them to secrete their saliva thereby risking infection of Lyme Disease. Removing ticks once discovered should be done as soon as possible to avoid the tick from biting and entering the skin and attaching itselft before feeding on its host. This is why owning and carrying this tick remover can be a life saver in the prevention of Lyme when travelling, working, or playing outdoors. For your convenience, Tick Key tick removers can be easily attached to key rings, lanyards, or your pet's collar so you don't forget to bring them with you next time you venture outdoors.

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Ordering Tick Removers from Just Direct Promotions is quick and easy! Simply fill out the short order form to the right to enter your personal information and quantity. Continue to verify you order including shipping & taxes and then go to our secure checkout to pay by credit card. You will be emailed a receipt for your purchase immediately. Orders are shipped by the most economical method available for your location. If sufficient stock of tick removers is available for your quantity, your order will usually be shipped the following business day.

Tick Key tick removal tools come in 18 assorted colours. All orders will be bulk shipped in assorted colours only.

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